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Our Story


A coastal town in the Campania region of Southern Italy, twenty-four miles southeast of Napoli, on the Gulf of Salerno, a tourist center noted for its fine scenery. The Amalfi drive, cut from rugged mountains, passes through Sorrento and leads to the town of Amalfi, the first maritime republic, famous for its fine restaurants, pasta making and fishing.

When I was a teenager I couldn't wait for summertime when my friends and I would drive to Amalfi every weekend. The drive took nearly an hour from where I lived. We loved to swim in the sparklingblue-green waters of the Mediterranean Sea and mingle with tourists from all over the world.

One of the many reasons we went to Amalfi was to eat at a restaurant called "Il Paradiso". Its delicious food, its breathtaking view of the coast, as well as its family oriented atmosphere was "PARADISE TO ME". The owners treated us as family. It was here, because of this relationship, that I was given many of the recipes that I am now offering to you.

Welcome, relax, enjoy your meal and allow me to take you along to "Il Paradiso", to savor the authentic taste of Naples.

Buon Appetito


Olympia Pelliccia Basso